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Boxing Prime

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Size: 8 oz
Color: Brown/Yellow
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Prime are professional grade boxing gloves are made from premium quality, genuine cow hide leather. Hit the ring with confidence knowing these sturdy gloves won't tap-out!
  • State-of-the-Art Protection: The PRIME series boxing gloves feature a protective shell designed by world-renowned boxing coach Dr. Pedro Diaz. A unique hinge between the wrist and the body of the glove permits the boxer to achieve the perfect punch with immeasurable protection at the moment of impact.
  • Durable yet comfortable: Our PRIME series lace-up competition gloves feature a smooth, comfortable fit. The traditional design features a full lace palm for a secure fit, while the SpongeX foam padding provides optimal knuckle feedback and power transfer.
  • Consistent Competition Standard Weight: Our SpongeX foam padding bounces back quickly between punches, one of the most important factors for protection when throwing hard punches. The interior fabric repels moisture to keep the glove's weight consistent. The WARRIOR boxing gloves are exactly what you need to get through round after round!

Cow hide leather